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Custom-designed wedding invitations, seating scrolls, envelope lettering, formal citations, awards, baby announcements and award-winning fine art pieces.

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Fine Art & Decorative Lettering

WORDS ARE POWERFUL. They can convey an idea, express an emotion, render one to laughter or tears. Such is the impact of calligraphic art.

MY WORK is influenced by literature and poetry, and sometimes the words are my own. My medium of choice might be watercolors, collage or ink. My backgrounds may be paper, wood, glass, walls, or perhaps canvas. The tools I use may be traditional pens or brushes – or perhaps something more unusual such as toothpicks, popsicle sticks or handmade pens out of litho plate. These unconventional tools can be freeing and lead to more expressive works.

MY SUBJECT MATTER of choice is usually spiritual and nature- based. It’s what appeals to me both personally and as an artist. If my art encourages people to read and think, I am content.

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Jane Rollins

Dance Of The Muse Copy

In Your Light

Only When